We always said we wanted to try #vanlife….

We’ve always wanted to see what van life could be like for our family, so we thought now is the perfect time! Our kids bodies are only getting bigger + we didn’t want to wait until we’re old, so we thought what the heck.. lets build a van!

Things about this build:

Starting with a bare 2015 Ram Promaster EcoDiesel High Roof 3500 Ext Cargo Van, it turned out to be a luxurious getaway vehicle for us.

73”x73” bed with couch back raised up, we have more than enough room for the 4 of us. 2 Maxxair Fans and 3 100W Renogy Solar Panels on the roof. Powered by a Goal Zero Yeti 1400. 2 burner LP cooktop with LP tankless water heater shower for outdoors. Stainless steel sink and faucet. 26 gallon freshwater tank along with 26 gallon grey tank, we can be off-grid for a while. 12V mini fridge/freezer to hold our cold groceries and plenty of storage above and below the sink. Closet that houses Nature’s Head Composting Toilet and bar for hanging clothes along with 3 drawers for folding clothes. A garage in the rear to hold our Cobb grill and other gear.

Building Details-

1/4” Underlayment Wood Walls and Ceiling. Havelock Wool Insulation. 12V LED puck lighting. 1/2” subfloor with wool/felt flooring underlayment. Frost King duct insulation tape under the subfloor. Swivel seat for passenger.

We documented our build journey on YouTube, click HERE to check it out!