Magdalene, Week 1 Renovation

If you watched our first Youtube video you’ll see it was an epic fail! We decided to post it anyway so you can see Magdalene before renovations + it’ll give us a good laugh down the road. You’d think since I’m a “millennial” I’d be all tech savvy, which is what I would normally consider myself. I watched all these classes on Skillshare for taking videos + many of them said if you have a nice iPhone you can totally video with it. I have a DSLR, but let’s be honest.. It is way easier to whip out my iPhone. So I took all the videos with my iPhone X and didn’t realize that you are suppose to film it sideways instead of up + down! Ugh, oh well the video is there.. laugh with us, not at us!

Our original plan was to do mainly cosmetic fixes because everything was “in such good shape”. Luckily we decided to tear some things out + decided we’d go a little deeper than planned on our renovations. Sometimes we are too much of perfectionists, but we know that we are selling this Airstream + want to put our best effort into it! We don’t want to give the next family bandages slapped over with paint. We all know lipstick doesn’t help pigs. We want a sound trailer + decided to bite the bullet and do the minor fixes. So far Zach has completely gutted the bathroom, which was SUPER NASTY. Apparently there was a toilet leak at some point + they decided to use metal street signs instead of fixing the problem. I’m not making this up. Take a look for yourself..

toilet picture

There was also some problem areas by the sink, front door, + fridge area. We removed all the subfloor + are happy to report the frame looks pristine! That was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders! Zach took all the cabinets out so we can sand + paint them. We decided to go with all new appliances + we nailed down a layout / design. I feel pretty accomplished for week 1!

What’s so special about us living right next to Zach’s work area is that we get to constantly go check on dada or “werk” as Ezra says. Ezra is SO bossy. He will tell you what work gloves to put on + what you need to go work on.. I truly don’t know who he got his bossy-ness from .. (cough cough) Zach is rolling his eyes at this point because he totally knows Ezra is a mini me! Ezra loves “helping” dada and bringing tools all over the place so Zach has a hard time finding them. He also makes sure the “mewsic” is on in the hangar, everybody knows you can’t work without some jams!

Hope you enjoy some pictures for this weeks reno!

Love, The Cashio's