Magdalene was our second project. We found her in Texas, which is where she is back with her new owners. We spent 5 months bringing this beauty back to life. We documented our weekly progress on Youtube along with before/during/after videos. You’ll find the videos below!

Details about this renovation:

Exterior Shine-

In order to bring this beauty back to life, a good shine was necessary. Taking a full month, it proved to be a chore. But boy oh boy, it does look great.

Original Cabinetry-

The cabinetry was still in very good shape and we just couldn’t see trashing it. So, a new coat of paint and some reinforcing gave this trailer the appreciation it deserved.


TOTAL GUT JOB!!! The bathroom was totally custom and new. From a new vanity and sink to an all new Aluminum, marine poly painted shower, the bathroom is definitely a nice feature.


With all this countertop space, you could have Thanksgiving dinner in Magdalene. Walls were taken down to make the kitchen feel larger. Removing the original oven, cooktop, and fridge and replacing with a LP range and mini fridge opened the space and made it feel more inviting.


Adjacent to the kitchen was originally a Gaucho(or futon bed). It was nice, but we wanted to add a space for eating as a family along with a sleeping space. The dinette turned out amazing and added storage. One dinette seat has access to the outside compartment door. At the size of a twin bed, kids are more than welcome in Magdalene.

Custom Bed Up Front-

For this model Airstream the freshwater tank is above the floor and under the Gaucho/couch/bed in the front. This space seemed perfect for a larger bed to relax and enjoy while viewing the stars at night through the 3 side windows. The bed dimensions were 75”x68” and had plenty of storage in front and underneath.

Click HERE to go watch our weekly Airstream Renovation Videos on Magdalene

If you love a good before + after video, you’ll love what we created below. We took all of our weekly videos and condensed them into a before-during-after video!

If you want a short walk through of Magdalene once she’s finished watch below