DIY Chocolate PB Cups

Making homemade things is definitely my love language! This is such an easy recipe + doesn't take much time or "baking experience". We, especially me, have a huge sweet tooth. I would be in big trouble if I gave in everyday, so I always love trying to make treats a little bit healthier. Hope you enjoy this yummy recipe as much as my family does!


1/2 cup homemade peanut butter (

2 tablespoons coconut flour

2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey

A dash of vanilla

1 + 1/2 cups dark chocolate

sprinkle of sea salt (optional)

*Don't be afraid to break the rules + use less or more of these ingredients. I am the worst about measuring + if the consistency isn't right just add more is my motto!

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The first thing I do is gather everything I will need for this recipe, because with a toddler helping it's easy for things to get left out.  It helps keep me organized + on track! Next, I line my mini cupcake sheet with mini cupcake papers. Then, I mix all my ingredients together minus the chocolate + sea salt. After everything is mixed I put my chocolate in a glass bowl + melt it in the microwave. Every 20 seconds I take my chocolate out + stir it to make sure I don't burn it.  If I need to melt more chocolate I always grab a new glass bowl, more dishes in the long run, but I hate wasting chocolate!

Once my chocolate is melted I take a spoon and pour a little bit at the bottom of each mini cupcake liner. I normally start with 12 liners just to be safe, but always end up doing more after. Once the chocolate is on the bottom of the cupcake papers, I roll my pb balls. You can make them as small or big as you want! Obviously the bigger the ball the less completed bites you'll have! Zach prefers more chocolate to pb balls so I normally have enough to make 20 bites total. After you place a pb ball in each cupcake wrapper take your melted chocolate + pour it on top. While the chocolate is still warm I sprinkle my sea salt so it sticks to each bite. This part is a total preference, some people aren't salt fans so feel free to leave it off!


As always heres my cute sous chef. Sometimes we worry he'll grow up + run away to a nudist colony...

XO Colleen Cashio