Easter Egg Failure


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This post is a little different than most. I think it’s important to not only show the sunny side of life, but to also show some of the complete busts! If you know me than you know I love home making everything I can. I came across this recipe for a natural way to dye Easter eggs + I was so excited. My mom loves to do anything involving the grandkids so we decided to do this project together. My family thinks I can go a little over board when it comes to some of the healthier alternatives I try to achieve, but they always support me. Here’s what the instructions said:

"Bring 1 quart of water, 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of respective fruit, vegetable, or spice (to create the color) to a boil.

Let simmer for 30 minutes, and then remove pot from burner. Be sure to strain the dye, and let sit until its room temperature before dipping your eggs.

Dark blue - blueberries

Light blue- red cabbage

Beige- coffee

Orange- onions

Green- parsley or spinach

Pink- beets"

We followed them to a T. Our first red flag was when the spinach/parsley just looked like dirty water instead of green. But, we brushed it off + still went forward. Then it came time for dying our eggs. We got Ezra all excited + we dipped the first egg. So expectant of this vibrant pretty colored egg we were about to take out of the colored water…HAHAH! Nope! Our egg was still as white as can be! So we tried again with a different color. Same results. We were like ok is this a magic trick, because if you go to the link for the recipe her eggs look vibrant and pretty + our color didn’t stick.. We were so bummed. I felt bad because my mom worked so hard + dirtied so many dishes. Our Easter egg project was a total flop. I went to the website where we got the idea from to see if there was a comment section to see if there was anyone else as disappointed as we were! And there was no comment section. I Googled and apparently this is a popular tradition + plenty of people have done it, so I don’t know if they have magic eggs or they just lied for a blog post, but it didn’t work for us! If you have ever done this + you had success PLEASE message me + tell me what we did wrong so I can try again next year! It wasn’t exactly a total flop, because Ezra used the beets juice as watercolor + painted! 

Luckily we found an old unopened dye kit in my mom's basement, (probably full of chemicals..ughhh) but we promised Ezra colored eggs from a chicken. We dyed eggs + had a blast! Now if you’re still reading to this point you’re probably asking yourself why I posted this as a blog considering it was a huge fail + nothing to brag about. When I first decided to start blogging, I decided that I wanted to be 100% authentic when posting. I didn’t want to just create good, pretty content. I wanted readers to be able to relate to us on a ‘real’ standpoint. Even though I love to home-make things, it doesn’t mean that I am a “Pinterest mom” by any means. I fall short all the time + don’t achieve everything I try to do. 

I debated about throwing the whole blog away + writing it off, but then I was like no, I want to share our funny Easter egg fail + maybe someone will have been there before on something similar. And if nothing else to warn not to try this recipe because it doesn’t work! There’s also cute pictures of Ezra so who wouldn’t want to see that?! Right??


Update: I saw someone else do this on instagram + they used WAY more vegetables than 2 tablespoons and they let theirs soak overnight! So maybe thats the trick, if you try a recipe + it works please share with me :)

I hope every has a great Easter weekend!

XO Colleen Cashio