This is the project that started it all. A dream to own an Airstream quickly became an obsession of scrolling on Craiglist waiting for the perfect one to pop up. We finally found this one in Mississippi. Our dream of a home on wheels for weekend trips quickly turned into a get rid of everything + go tiny. Little did we know what this small dream would turn into for our family. It was a shell off renovation that took two years to complete!

Details on this project:

This Airstream was all electric-

There was no 12V wiring in this Airstream. Everything was 110V. 50 amp service proved to be enough for running all of our appliances along with a 13,500 btu Dometic Penguin. Magic Chef 24in. oven, Magic Chef 24in. cooktop, Apartment-sized 7.3cu. ft. Igloo fridge, 7 gal. Bosch Water Heater.

Custom Cabinetry-

1/2” Birch Ply was used to construct kitchen cabinets, along with bed cabinets, and couch, closet walls, and bathroom walls.

Bathroom moved from Rear to Side-

This was a big must for us to ensure we had a king bed. The bathroom was a total measurement of… 3’x5’. With custom penny-tiled shower with seat and Birch vanity, Nature’s Head Composting Toilet, this bathroom definitely impressed.

Twin-sized Couch-

For us, having open space was huge since we had 2 little ones. The space allowed the boys opportunities to play with their toys and be kids. The couch was big and comfy enough for us to cuddle and enjoy the scenery through the windows. For the future, we had planned on turning the couch into a dinette once the boys got older.

Kitchen with Storage-

Knowing we wouldn’t be full-time travelers, our kitchen needed to be big to store plug-in appliances such as: rice cooker, blender, microwave, toaster, panini press, etc. So that’s exactly what we did. Deep, tall cabinet drawers were installed and shelving units built inside. We felt as if we never really downsized at all.

King Bed(room) with under platform storage-

Because our boys sleep with us, any bed smaller than a king would be “drastic” Our 6” memory foam mattress suited us well. Plus, we had plenty of storage underneath to store just about anything we wanted/needed. We each had our own shoe cubby below at the edge of the bed and had a book nook by our heads.


We chose to go with a Cork flooring. It was beautiful and looked great with the space. Concrete Gray Cork flooring to be exact. Although they held up well, we quickly learned that with kids and a dog Cork might not have been the best choice. But, the cork did have good insulation properties. The Cork covered our 3mm flooring underlayment.

Custom 1/8” Wood Walls-

Dirty, dingy, and just in bad shape. Our original aluminum walls were not chosen to be reused. After changing the floor plan and knowing we would have to patch holes all around, Colleen decided on wood. 1/8” underlayment proved to be perfect for this job. Not only did the wood curved just enough for the Airstream’s curves, it was pretty cheap. A custom end front end piece was made so that bulky fiberglass endcap could be thrown away, which had cracks in it also.

Quick Walkthrough Below