Wow, Harvey is a year old now! I've never thought life moved fast until having kids! I am so blessed to be Harvey's mommy. Here's some pictures of our fun day celebrating HJ's birthday!

First we drove to our favorite creek in Mountain View. The boys and ourselves can spend all day here. They love to fish, play with the rocks, + hunt for tadpoles. This is our favorite family retreat because it's so relaxing + there's no cell service..aka no distractions!

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Then we came home + went to take birthday pictures of Harvey. Don't even ask how that went...everything that could have gone wrong with location, decor, etc did. Zach + I were ready to give up, but we still managed to pull it together and get a few cute shots. Next time I'm hiring my favorite photographer, Sydney. https://www.facebook.com/sydneyslighphotography/