The Art of Bravery

What does BRAVE mean to you? The definition of brave is “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”.


I’ve always said social media has its pros + cons. One of its pros is connecting with people from all over the world, with all types of backgrounds. I stumbled across @theartofbravery + quickly fell in love. I resonated with her message + love what she is doing! I love her products + the positive message she is putting out. In a world that can be so dark I love seeing people that are shining light and inspiring. Her story is one in which she had to build herself up from one of the lowest points in her life. In Christiana’s about me she says “It was out of the greatest struggle of my life that the most beautiful and life changing shifts began to happen”. Yes. Yes. And Yes… Zach + I hit the lowest point in our marriage at the end of 2017. It took courage to decide to keep moving forward. But out of our greatest struggle we’ve seen the prettiest fruit. Being brave doesn’t always portray the superhero you see in most movies. Trusting the process in the in-between moments can ignite courage. Bravery can be deciding to put one foot in front of the other + keep moving forward in the calling of God. Bravery can mean taking a leap of faith + trusting that next step will be there before your feet hit the ground. Being brave looks different for everyone. For us, this year bravery meant going tiny. Like teeny tiny- downsizing from 3,000 sq ft to less than 200 sq ft. We love our new little home + wouldn’t trade it for the world. It took courage and faith to make the change. 


Often times the most uncomfortable paths lead us to the most beautiful things.

What doubts are holding you back?

Trust the process.

Take that risk.

Be B-R-A-V-E

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Colleen Cashio

Hairdresser turned homemaker. She has a bearded husband, two little boys, + one furry girl. She loves anything homemade, everything the outdoors have to offer, + writing about life experiences. She strives to keep life simple + make memories along the way!