Vents, Electrical, Sprayfoam

To start let me say that I am super blessed to have a husband who is so handy + up for anything I throw at him. Number two im blessed because God gave me a father + father-in-law who have so much knowledge + are hard workers. Zach's dad came into town bringing goodies for us to start on the inside of the airstream. I worked them hard + only gave me 45 minute lunch breaks. I joked about docking pay + giving overtime to the harder workers. It was a lot of fun. I never like to think about loved ones growing old + dying; but I know that in the future this will be a fun memory to look back on + remember the good times working together. On Friday Zach started to remove the vents on top of the airstream to replace them with brand new vents.

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We have 3 vents in our airstream-one above the bed/dining, one in the middleish(kitchen), + one in the bathroom. We decided to splurge and get the rain sensor ones for in the main living area + bed area. We kept it simple in the bathroom. What we’ve noticed so far in this project is everything is gave + take. We write down everything we really want and then make a list to see what is more important. We are all about saving money where we can. I have kept a running spreadsheet of everything we’ve spent + what’s our total. I plan to share this at the end of this project.

The vents were not the easiest items to tackle. Years of ‘concreted’ sealant were holding the original vents in place. Zach started by drilling out each rivet head. But quickly he realized that wasn’t the quickest way. And definitely not the best way to release some stress. He then decided to take a flathead screwdriver + a hammer + bust the rivet heads off, one by one. In doing this it sped up the process. He didn’t have to worry about scratching the old vents because they were trashed anyways.

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So while Zach worked on the fans, our dads worked on the electrical. My dad is an electrician by trade so that saved us $$ + a headache. It took them a solid day to wire everything + get our outdoor lights for the trailer in working order. And do yourself a favor. When wiring up the clearance lights + markers/reverse, choose a different color wiring for each + the same color as the vehicle/trailer plug chose. That sure would have helped them out! LOL

Then Sunday came the fun part. Luckily my father-in-law had extra spray foam lying around so he brought it for us to use as insulation. We used this to insulate in the tiny house + we are definite fans. Not only does it do well insulating, but it also makes the shell very strong! We used two kits of the foam + boy am I thankful he had it because that saved us $$$$! They may have gone a little over-board with the foam + making sure that they got every nook and cranny. There were only 4 contractor trash bags full of scraped-off foam. We all agreed we’d rather have too much and have to shave some off then not have enough….But boy did they get a workout shaving all the extra foam off. 

Be sure to buy a respirator, coveralls, gloves, and goggles if you decide to go the spray foam route. Zach wishes he would have had these DeWalt anti-fog goggles. His goggles kept fogging every second because of the heat the foam gives off while curing. And luckily he didn't have any nice clothes on because we did not realize the foam kit did not come with coveralls. These are definitely essentials to the spray foam insulation route. 


The guys worked their butts off. I came to be there supervisor + got my hands dirty for 30 minutes while Harvey took a nap on me. Somehow he slept through me shoveling the insulation that fell on the ground + sweeping up everything they were shaving off.

We had a successful weekend + we are very thankful for the extra help for Zach! It’s amazing how fast things go when three people are working versus one!

Thanks Dad (Chris) + FIL (Bubba) + of course my AMAZING Hubby(Zach)

We also purchased new LED clearance lights- amber + red. Along with LED bulbs for taillights/reverse, scare/flood, license, and above door. New taillight lenses were purchased from