Roof - A/C Unit + Paint on roof

Our next task on the list of things to buy/do was our a/c unit and finding a good quality elastomeric reflective roof paint. With only a few different brands to choose from for a/c unit we focused on one main brand. And mainly because it was the brand we have seen on so many other RVs + somewhat the only brand we have seen on almost any website. That brand just happened to be Dometic. We have no clue what the original unit brand was. Our original unit was shattered and not even sure if it worked or not.  And we honestly wanted to start fresh.  After many hours of scouring reviews and reading opinions Zach finally decided on a certain one. The Dometic Penguin II with Heat Pump.

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I know Zach had his eyes set on the Penguin the moment he saw it. Zach ooohed and ahhhed at how sleek it was and how it didn’t stand up to high like all the others. I personally could have cared less whether it was tall or not. As long as it does its job- that’s what matters the most. Zach cares about details like this. Sometimes too much. But I trusted his judgment that he knew this unit would work for our needs. At 13,500 BTU we think it is plenty enough for our Airstream. And not to mention, it has a heat pump. Side note: This unit definitely works great, but for our long Airstream we really could use another. The back where our bedroom is located stays cold all day. The front on the other hand is rather toasty! The Penguin, like the other models from Dometic, come in 2 colors. White and Black. Because we chose smoke gray Fan-tastic vents Zach wanted the black unit. He thinks the white would draw too much attention and not look as great. Well, he didn’t get his wish. We bought the white unit, and got a good deal on it also. The unit and ceiling unit arrived in perfect condition. Once the unit was hoisted onto the Airstream and Zach sent a picture, I still think the white doesn’t look bad at all. He still thinks otherwise..


But enough of the unit. Because that is not the only other important task that needed to be done on the roof- besides the vents that we mentioned in an earlier post. We read on @airforums where plenty of other streamers were applying an elastomeric reflective roof coating to help insulate and cool off their tin cans. I can only imagine having an Airstream out in the desert with the aluminum basking in the sun.. But hopefully we can help to cool ours down. Before Zach would apply the insulated paint he chose to use an aluminum primer to prep the roof for paint. He used Rust-oleum aluminum primer. It etched the surface very well and we were pleased with the product. It took only 1 quart to cover the roof. And next came the insulated coating. We chose to go with KOOL SEAL roof coating. The fibered aluminum roof coating is the exact coating we used. It is silver in color when applied. Having read on the forums where other coatings have helped drop the inside temps close to 15 degrees and some even more, we can’t wait to see how KOOL SEAL helps our tin can. KOOL SEAL recommends applying 2 coats, and that’s exactly what we planned to do. Only 1 coat is on at the moment, because its wayyy too hot outside to add another coat. 3 gallons is what we had but we didn’t use all 3. The first coat used about a half gallon. Zach masked off the center roof panel, where the sides and roof meet. Thus, once painted the roof panel will barely be seen. So naturally whatever color you choose, white or silver, nobody will tell. And if/when we add our solar panels that will help to hide the silver, which doesn’t look bad at all. We wish we had actual temperature reading and usage opinions to recommend this product. But only time will tell… After applying Zach read where the fibered roof coating has less reflectivity than white elastomeric roof coating. He has no clue if that depends on brands or not. But fibered aluminum roof coating is what we had so we chose it. Have you applied a roof coating? If so, which did you choose? And can you tell a difference??