1972 Airstream Sovereign



We are in the process of renovating our 1972 31 foot Airstream Sovereign. We plan to write down all of our success' + fails along the way. Our hope is for you to learn from our mistakes. We will post our favorite tricks + tools, along with stuff that wasn't helpful to us. Hope you are inspired to take the path less traveled!

"Why is the airstream my dream?

For starters, I dream what my wife dreams. After all, we are married and she lets me dream so why can't I let her? The airstream is a means of me being able to do what I'm good at. Using my hands to build/renovate/fabricate. Desk jobs aren't for a man like me. I love seeing something as crappy looking and fragile as this and seeing the finished product. Maybe thats why I wouldn't mind flipping houses. But the "dream".. well I've always had a part in me that wanted to travel the country. The US has many beautiful places/sceneries to offer that many of us will never try to see. Mainly because we are so obligated to work and constantly make sure our lights or water is on. We weren't made to work like most of us do. We get consumed or addicted. God made the world so marvelous for us to enjoy his beauty. I think he wants us to discover it. The airstream is a means of doing that with my family. A means of seeing some of the most famous or unknown places in the US. Traveling to each state would give our kids the ability to grasp differences. Differences in geography, weather regions.. and most importantly differences in ethnicity. The world these days makes people strive harder to have each and every next big thing. And I can fall into those temptations also, I am constantly 'drooling' over the new trucks they come out with. But thats not how it should be. We should be thankful for what we have. We should be helping others in need instead of feeding out addictions and trying to be people we aren't.

A few years ago Colleen and I would have both told you we wanted a big house, loads of money, and a Mercedes G... Now? We just want a simple small house and a finished airstream. We were once in that life of constantly needing new clothes, shoes, new this and that. But, now we are seeing ourselves selling and donating most of our things to charity. We are overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we have collected. We are just trying to become simple people and enjoy nature. And help people along the way." -Zachary


"When we had our first child, our life changed. God put on our heart to 'simplify'. We realized the path we were taking in life wasn't brining us to where we wanted to end up. We were following the "American Dream" (work hard & buy lots of thing). While nothing is wrong with that, we just felt lead to walk away and try to raise our kids without most distractions. We both had airstreams on our hearts, not necessarily the trailer, but what we felt could lead us to unplug from the world and plug into Gods beauty." - Colleen

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